The Art of Photography & Digital workflow workshop

(From capture to print)

During this four hours training workshop you will learn immediately how to capture better digital photos – guaranteed.

You will also learning how to have a complete control of your camera, whether you are using a compact camera or advanced digital SLR.

Did I mention it’s the “Art of Photography” workshop not a “camera manual” class:) In other words, I will teach you how to shoot like a pro with ANY camera with a step-by-step instructions, as long as your  camera has advanced settings. Cameras with only automatic settings can’t be used for this class.

This workshop is an introductory class and designed for beginner photographers. However, beginners and experienced photographers are welcome.

The workshop consist of four main sections:

1-The Art of photography: one hour

In the section I will teach you the art behind making a great photograph.

Starting out with a quick art history lesson and explain the “WHY” we create art before the “HOW” we create the art.

I will also teach you the meaning of composition (rule of third, framing, subject placements, angle, distance, focal length leading lines, and colors)

2-Camera and lighting Essentials: one hour

After learning the “WHY” now it’s time to learn the “HOW” to take the ultimate photograph.

I will cover everything about:

Aperture – Controlling light and depth of field
Shutter Speed – Controlling light and movement
ISO – Controlling the sensitivity of the image sensor
White Balance– Controlling the light temperature.
Metering – Measuring light for the correct exposure
File types – Photograph Raw or JPG files

3- The practice workshop: one hour

This is a hands on workshop. We basically apply everything we learned about the camera to a good use. Just make sure you bring your camera with full battery and empty memory card and I will take care of the rest.

I will teach you how to:
Set up your Shutter Speed and Aperture.
Change your ISO
Meter the lighting
Controlling the light
And of course take a photo like a pro photograph.

4-The digital workflow: one hour

This is where all the magic happens:)
In this section you will learn how to bring out the best in your digital photographs. I will inspire you to transcend any ordinary photograph to a masterpiece, using various techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. But not before I teach you how to safely backup and store your file

I will address:
Backing up and archiving your digital files.
Adobe Lightroom 101 – Learn how to creatively enhance your photographs Colors and exposure, cropping, and white balance adjustments
Printing– Prepare your final image for printing.


The class is offered monthly.
Dates availability is based on first come, first serve basis!


Beaux Arts Photography Studio (17110 Dallas Parkway. Suite 205. Dallas TX 75248)