Senior Portraits FAQs

When it comes to your high school senior portraits we are sure you have lots of questions to ask, here are answers to some of the questions you might have, but please feel free to contact us if you have any other question.

Don’t I have to use the school yearbook company?
No, you do not have to go to the school yearbook photographer. They are only hired to  take your yearbook mug-shot.
Over and over I’ve been encountering seniors who believe that they must use the school photographer for their senior portraits.  Seriously?:) Of course the so called “official” yearbook photography companies will attempt to lead you to believe that they are the ONLY photographers and you must go to them, but that is not true and you are not obligated to buy anything from them. You are free to make your choice about your senior photographer.
I encourage you to look around at several small, independent photographers such and make a decision based on the quality of their work. You will get better quality images, more time spent with you and more poses to choose from if you use an independent photographer with years of training and experience.
The yearbook photography companies are usually a high-volume studios who hire under-qualified, untrained “photographers” to take senior pictures.  You’ll still pay big bucks for your senior pictures, but what you won’t realize is that you are paying for the business name and not necessarily getting a high quality photographer.  I’d say, consider your options.  There is no need to pay plenty of money for 30 minutes in a studio and only have a few poses to choose from.  In the world of digital imagery, why would a studio only let you pick a few poses?  Independent photographers will provide you with lots of options and will take the time to individually edit your images.  They will take pride in their work because the images they produce will be a direct reflection of their abilities.

Why should I have you take my senior pictures?
The first and most important thing is individual attention. Graduating from high school is a major event in your life and you will get individualized attention to create special images just for you.

Do you charge more than the school photographer?
No, actually the high-volume yearbook photographers charge more than our studio for their products. Please check out our price page.

Do you garentee your work?
Absolutely, We have 100% customer satisfaction policy. In other words, we promised that you will have the experiance of your life time during your senior photo session. If you are unhappy with your session in any way – we will refund your session fee or  re-schedule a new session at no additional charge. We love it when our clients say there are too many good choices – it’s a great problem to have, and one we strive to give to our clients!  As for prints, all wall portraits have a lifetime warranty.

How many poses can I have?

You are not limited to a set number of poses. Once again we are not the high-volume yearbook photographer. Your session is tailored to your individual need, the clothes you have and the props you bring.

How many outfits can I bring?
Bring as many outfits as you can carry! I get a lot of my inspiration from your outfits, so go crazy. The more outfits you bring, the more options we have for portraits. Even clothes you may not like can look awesome in a photo! It’s way better to bring too much than not enough. For more ideas please ready our “what to wear” page.

Can I bring along props?
Yes, If you play football or the violin, or are a cheerleader, I welcome you to bring clothes and props that represent your love! I get really excited when someone brings along something that will make their portrait session different from everyone else’s. If there’s anything that Beaux Arts is not, it’s a cookie-cutter photographer. I guarantee that your session will not look exactly like everyone else’s.
How about my pets?
They are welcome as well.

What can I expect during my photo session?
the length of the shoot will depend on which session package we’re doing. We always have music..and if you have an iPod we’ll listen to your music. Parents and friends are always welcome. The one thing you can absolutely expect is to have an AWSOME time!

Do I have to do cheesy poses?
Absolutely not:) The whole point of your portrait session is to make you look like you. Never feel obligated to do something you’re not comfortable with.

What about blemishes?

Do not worry! Almost everyone has days with less than perfect skin. Applying makeup properly can help make sure your preview images look their best. After you have selected your final poses I go over each image to remove minor skin blemishes. This is one small part of what is involved in creating your finished prints. Most braces can be removed at this time but only for the final prints and not for the previews. Removing blemishes, straightening and whitening teeth are just some of the things that I provide to make your pictures look their best.

Where are you located?
We are located at the Lakeside Market in Plano (Preston Rd & Spring Creek) “list address”

Do you photograph in studio or on location?
We a beautiful studio on Preston Rd and we are also available for location photography

What about evening and weekend appointments?

I know that a senior schedule is sometimes a balancing act with extra school activities. This requires weekend and evening appointments that can be done without any extra charge.

I’m ready to book my session. How and when should I do it?
You can call our studio at 469-684-4305 or use our contact page to email us.

Which high school you work with the most?
We are not limited to any high school we even photographed seniors from New York and Canada. However, most of our high school seniors come from Plano West Senior High School. Plano Senior High School, Plano East Senior High School, J J Pearce High School, Allen High School, Frisco High School, Frisco Centennial High School, McKinney Boyd High School, Carrollton Christian Academy, John Saint Paul II Christian Academy, Wylie High School, Bishop Lynch High School, Willowbend Academy, Prestonwood Christian Academy,  Richardson High School, Berkner High School, Wylie high school.